Meet our current Animal Ambassadors!

Get to know a little bit about some of our Ambassadors, many of whom were rescued!
You can meet them in person at one of our events or you can contact us to plan an event with Slithers and Crawls!


When Voldemort came along, it was one of those friend of a friend situations that I agreed to help. Voldemorts Owners son’s lit the snake on fire. Her body was covered in sores, open wounds surrounded with puss and blisters. I remember holding her thinking, ” how can anyone do this?” I cried thinking I would have to put this animal down.

Ten years here we are. She has minimum scarring and is absolutely perfect. But from that moment on, I saw the issues that lie within all animals purchased or acquired for pets. I saw the problems with breeding and that it is also a problem with our reptiles and exotics. Breeding is so unnecessary when there are already so many animals that need homes and proper care.