CA Native Plant Planting Project & Memory Garden

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CA Native Plant Planting Project & Memory Garden
Fall is the best time to plant for blooms in Spring!
We’re arranging a planting event! We’re planting a Memory Garden in honor of Lesa Dawn Smith. This project mirrors similar initiatives happening right now across California, using helpful resources from various non-profits & colleges.

Sign up to participate: be one of our volunteers, pre-purchase plants or seed packs, a Memory Tag, join our planting crew, or help with care taking. We can always use supplies or funds for mulch, rock/gravel, etc. so please reach out if you’d like to be involved more!

Sign up to get plants: Buy as many as you like from our list for the garden, the trail, a friend, for yourself.. or all of the above!

11:00AM Project Q&A: Meet us in Wrightwood for a quick Native Plant Gardening Q&A and our plan for Lesa’s Memory Garden. Includes info on how & where to plant and what makes CA Native Plants so great.

11:15AM-2:00PM – Memory Garden Planting Project: We’ll lay out plants ahead of time where they will be planted. Bring your own shovel, good walking shoes, and water!
We will be planting a native plant garden in honor of Lesa Dawn Smith. You can also buy a Memory Tag for a plant, an aluminum tag that will be displayed in Lesa’s Memory Garden next to the plant’s name. Fill out the Memory Tag with your name or the name of a loved one. Names will be added to aluminum plant tags in the garden to show the names of all those who keep Lesa’s memory alive and those others whose memories we are keeping alive.

If you missed the event you can still get a memory tag, just contact us!

October 16th, 11AM-3PM

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